Apr 30, 2009

New shiny and raiding... Do you raid tweet?

So now that twitter is catching on like wild fire, I can only wonder in amazement as to how many players are alt tabbing during a raid to update their raid status in a tweet or to check out other peoples tweets. As is afk's werent bad enough now a new shiny play thing in twitter gives yet another reason to alt tab. I like to hear from any and all blog posters on your take as to if it indeed posses as a distraction in raids or if it's no big and useful gadget. I like to doubt it with every fiber in my being but I don't doubt it for a second. Only because of horrid memories of stealth afkers in the days of old.


Curse and WoWMatrix: Shots Fired! Run for cover..err credit cards.

The votes are in and the horse might have moved! Now that this whole curse gaming debacle has come to light, gloves are off and sides have been taken in the WoW community. Their has been strong accusations as of late towards WoW Matrix for stripping donation links off addons. Also it's been said that they, WoW Matrix, have totally stripped the addon of a author entirely. In addition some say Curse was being "robbed" of bandwith. The answer from curse came yesterday with their introduction of the Curse Premium Service @ the price of $2.45 a month. Without going into too much detail it basically offers you faster client downloads, automatic addon updates and first crack at some betas. They also have been working with WoW interface on this debacle and have come to a solution for stopping WoW Matrix from accessing their files...for now. But the question is, was a pay by month service required to offer what WoW Matrix did for free? Granted it's good that the addon author community will get their due credit and a small cut off your monthly service, but is it all a money play? I mean honestly end user agreement states you shouldn't make money off their game... but during an age of addon site wars was their any other choice? Only time and the grand debate will tell.