May 2, 2009

[2.Trade]: Dummy LF DPS!

So you go use spreadsheets and get a base line of where your DPS should be at, but where to test it? Hrmm if there was only a big chuck of wood to test it on. Like one that was on par with level 80 NPC's and 83 raid bosses... Wait! There is! So for reasons beyond my realm of knowledge some don't use this nice in game DPS utility. So here I am to explain good uses for target dummies.

Practice makes perfect-

You might sit there and wonder why your DPS always seems off or you really can't put together a great rotation. First and foremost read up on your class, there is tons and tons of info on rotations out there. Second, go practice these rotations on target dummies. OMG the CONCEPT! Instead of just hitting random spells and abilities try to actually cap your DPS with the gear you have . To do so I suggest using Recount mod, once in-game set your self 5-7 min intervals of solid dps on the dummy. After which record the data you collected, then reset recount and try again. Try different rotations until you get to what you conclude as the best DPS rotation for you. Could you imagine if even 50% of Rogues out there actually tried practicing maxing DPS and getting good rotations?... scary thought.

Spreadsheet DPS v.s. In-game DPS-

So if you do spreadsheets you have a baseline by the math numbers of what you abilities up times are and what your overall DPS could be against certain bosses( Not taking into account some DPS loss for repositioning during fight ..blah blah.). Ablility up times show a percentage of during the fight how long abilities remain active and what amount of total damage it accounts for. All these numbers can be crunched and fine tuned, but execution is key so again hit the dummies and use recount/swstats to find out what your certain ability outputs and DoT time/dmg. Yeah I could go further into detail but finding out on your own is much more satisfying and its nothing that hasnt been cover already over at Elitist Jerks . So hopefully this info proves useful on your journey to becoming even better at DPS.


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