May 9, 2009

Gone Fishing....

Wanted to take the time to create an article on my personal favorite gold maker... fishing! Yeah I'm sure most don't think it profitable. But if you check AH on daily basis and see a lack of certain fish that can be made into buff food, you can pocket some good gold for your time. No fighting over nodes or roaming for hours collecting mats. All thats required is location of the type of fish you want. Now I suggest if you don't have cooking profession as of yet to get it, can be very useful in making some buff food to sell on AH. There are many good reasons to level fishing, so let me list some reason's why fishing is beneficial:

1. Fishing for raid buff food-
Why not? You will be better prepared for a raid and who knows you might fish up enough to make some extra to put on the AH.
2. Turtle Mount- New turtle mount can be fished up that yields 60% swim speed boost. No brainer there.
3. Fishing Extravaganza- Event where fishing pools appear everywhere along the coast north of Booty Bay. Rare fish can be caught to turn in for fishing stat gear. If you win you can choose between
[Hook of the Master Angler]
[Arcanite Fishing Pole]. To ensure you dont mess up set your hearth to Booty Bay, this makes it easier once you have 40 fish to be the first back to claim the prize. Only one person per week can win.
4. For Achievements- Many achievements available for those seasoned anglers! Plus getting off hand equipable fish gives you bragging rights!
5. Get away from it all- Find a spot and just post up and chit chat with whomever! Gives some relief from the stresses of raiding and farming for stuff. You may be surprised that this actually helps.

So go on and jump into the WoW angler world and enjoy some good old holesome fishing! Goodluck to all and happy fishing!


Aenorn said...

Absolutely love the new look! Keep up the good work!

By the way, you fishers will never reel me into that devil hobby! I don't care how much gold it makes! xD

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