May 1, 2009

Roguecraft Spreadsheets Tutorial: Round 1...FIGHT!

I figured it be a good idea to go over some spreadsheets for those that may be unaware of their purpose or have no idea where to begin understanding them. For starters the best program for viewing them is Excel and OpenOffice. There might be other ways to view these but from my experience others may not let you view drop down menus. Click here for Roguecraft spreadsheet , it can be a bit to soak in at first but once mastered is a valuable tool. The first tab at the bottom in version updates explaining what exactly they put in or changed. The next tab will be Talents & setting shown here(Click image for full size):

( Click for clear/large image)

As you can see column C is where you would input your talent point data. Column D shows max allow points for that talent. I suggest trying various spec's to see how it may affect your Total DPS at the top of the page. All on the right hand side in column I and J you can enter in other data about your toon. Also this has baseline data for your DPS target, so I suggest you look up content your currently clearing and pick a boss. Look up said bosses stats and enter them in the according boxes. Next will be the Gear spreadsheet shown here(Click for larger image):

(Click for clear/large image)

As you can see in the image that there are drop down menu's for each equipment slot. As well as gem and enchant boxes for each of the slots. So if you had a gem or an enchant on the item in that slot then you select the enchant from a drop down list next to the enchant box for corresponding piece of gear, same goes for the gem selection boxes. Down the rows will show you realated info to the gear. This is the perfect sheet to compare what you have now to what you might want to replace it with to see how it would affect your DPS. WoooHoooo! No more asking in trade chat if [
Big Bronze Knife]or [Harpy Skinner] is better or not (Simply example). Other tabs like Buffs, Cooldowns, DPS and Cycles are tabs you can adjust according to what you feel is best. They take sometime to learn but in time once you master using these sheets you no doubt will further hone your DPS and rogue skill. Hope this was informative and now go forth and unleash hell, we are rogues hear us ROAR!!!!! /meow


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