May 11, 2009

The Epic Blame Continues.....

WoWmatrix speaks out! So here we are again, and in what some see as desperate attempt to save face others see a controversy. I will try to remain as neutral as possible while that facts continue to emerge. But when one party contradicts the other it's hard to not take a side. So WoWmatrix fired a shot back and was quoted saying the following:

" When we launched WowMatrix (the cross-site updater application), we made a post at WowAce’s ‘Updater’ forum (note: WowAce which was subsequently acquired by Curse), and when we kindly suggested the possibility of hosting their AddOns on our servers to help with the bandwidth, the WowAce administrator promptly rejected the idea publicly.

This, coupled with the fact that at the time, WowAce provided an RSS feed containing direct download links to the AddOns, made it clear to us that they would very much prefer that our updater download directly from their servers, and not from our own (which is the exact opposite of what they would like now). "

So basically stating that curse is the ones whom rejected them even before the new curse client was talked about. They further stated the following:

" We were the ones who approached both Curse and WoWInterface with beneficial proposals many months ago. We are probably still the only AddOn updater to have done this. Our proposals included all 3 of the following:

a) Making regular financial contributions to cover bandwidth usage by our updater.

b) Technical implementations to reduce such bandwidth usage by third party updaters such as WowMatrix.

c) Additional exposure within our software to drive more traffic to their sites, thereby increasing their revenue and user base.

WoWInterface completely ignored the proposal, while Curse rejected the proposal on the spot, while making threats and trying to buy us out for cheap instead, so as to get rid of us completely. Instead of taking the time to negotiate on our proposal, they were trying very hard to negotiate on the price of the buyout instead. It was an insult to ourselves and to our users. It is clear that both Curse and WoWInterface are more concerned about their own profits than working with us to help better serve the gaming community. "

So this begs the question WoWmatrix... If you've tried over and over to make a deal. Then Curse calls you out and says "you" are the ones who rejected their offer. Why did it take so long to get this reply? Saving face? Or did you feel that your fans deserved an answer? Make no mistake the only that truly know are those at the forefront of this addon war.


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