May 1, 2009

It's Raining Tea Bags!

Ah nothing like a good old tea bag to get your point across. It be to a guildy after he is the only one to die or to a heated rival in Bg's. Whatever your reason they are here to stay as a stamp for failure. Everyone has done it and no one can pass up on a good bag. I mean even recently on TV they had the tea bag protesters marching around with tea bags hanging and taped everywhere. I know I'm not the only damn one that laughed hard at that debacle. So I've decided to name a few of the bags and hope to expand the list with your help! Leave a comment with you tea bag name and description and it might get on the list of bags. So here some basic bags I came up with:

- Dumb death bag- Usually happens to you when you were probably the only one not paying a bit of attention.

-Friendship Bag- Given to those whom others feel bonded to and want to express that close bond by giving the gift that keeps giving.

-CPR Bag- Usually a fast paced up and down bagging in a attempt to resesitate the dead. Also working in comjunction with jumping on the chest.

-Revenge Bag- Given to a heated rival, most times a /spit preceeds the bagging. Most time this cycle of baggings never ceases, rather it increases in number.

-ROFL Bag- Could be a dead guildy, random low level or dead goblin, you don't care your bagging for the sake of laughing like a gitty school girl.

-Drunken Bag- No worries here as the giver of this bag usually misses your face 3 times while attempting this bag. By the time he gets it right you'll be long gone and he'll have to pick bones out of his ass.


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